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    • San Rafael Comic Fest
      Tickets: $41.00
      April 23, 2023 | 5:00 PM
      500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
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    • The Storm Whale in Winter

      The Storm Whale in Winter Written and Illustrated by Benji Davies 2016 Age range: 4-8 Noi keeps watch of the sea to look for his whale friend whom he helped to rescue. As winter approaches Noi’s dad takes one last fishing trip, and when his Dad does not come home the boy gets worried. Noi takes action and ventures out to look for his father on the sea that was “frozen hard.” Noi, finds his Dad’s boat, the vessel however, is empty. However, Noi is not alone and he meets up with a long lost friend, whose family shows him the way home. A Bookish Decree: Fun and Adventurous

    • The Elephant's New Shoe

      The Elephant's New Shoe A True Rescue Story Author Laurel Neme Illustrated by Ariel Landy Forward by Nick Marx 2020 Age range: 4-8 When Chhouk was a baby pachyderm he was found in the Cambodian jungle. Nick Marx a conservationist rescued him, at the time the elephant was “skinny, scruffy, and scared.” Chhouk was caught in a wire trap and his leg became infected, he was noticeably skittish around people including Nick. It was bananas that brought the two closer and a trust was formed. Back at the rescue center the pain from the trap became “unbearable” leaving his handlers to wonder if he would ever walk again. Chhouk was introduced to Lucy a matron elephant and while the two pachyderms thrived together the caretakers had to solve the issue of the hurt foot. With the help of medics, they built a shoe that was made out of a car tire sole, when that did not work it was back to the drawing board until the perfect shoe was made. A Bookish Decree: Uplifting and inspiring.

    • Speak Up

      Speak Up Author Miranda Paul Illustrated by Ebony Glenn 2020 Age range: 4-8 Speak Up is a wonderful and empowering book for young children. It lets a child know that when something is important it is imperative to speak up and use your voice. Author Miranda Paul, and Illustrator Ebony Glenn portray kids going through a school day and the various ways for kids to speak up, whether it is through a smile, debunking a rumor, or keeping other kids safe-it is vital to speak up. Speak Up is about welcoming everyone is about expressing your thanks is about showing your friendship is about caring for the environment is about the importance of being a leader. A Bookish Decree: A brave and much needed book

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    • Get Started with Your Forum

      Welcome to the Wix Forum. Use your forum as a discussion board to talk about topics linked to your website. Here are some tips for how to get started. Write a Welcome Post Greet visitors to your forum with a warm welcome message. Tell people what your forum is about and what to expect. You can also share this post on your social media sites to get things going and attract your first members. Add Categories Categories let users easily navigate your forum and find the topics they are looking for. Add your own categories to suit your site or business. Join the Wix Forum Community This is a community made just for you, Wix Forum fans. Get the latest updates, ask questions and share your wishes for new features. Check it out. Customize Anything Get your forum looking just the way you want. Open your forum settings to choose from different layouts, edit your text and more. Enjoy using your forum!

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