Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups (By Katherine Priore Ghannam, Illustrated by Tanya Emelyanova)

Published in 2018

For Parents of Children of Any Age

“There is no goal in yoga other than to be present with yourself and connect to what is true for you.’’ This could be written for anyone at any age practicing yoga; however, this is from a book that is geared towards children and their parents. Yoga for Kids author Katherine Priore Ghannam focus her book on building blocks with emphasis on the breath, poses, games, sequences, relaxation, and meditation, within each section there are activities and exercises that correlate to each part. What makes this book effective and educational is the poses are organized as basic (cat pose), standing (warrior I), seated (butterfly), bends and twists (wheel), balance (tree), and poses to do with a partner. Every pose listed tells of the appropriate age range, along with how to do the pose, benefits and extra tips: for instance, trying the eagle pose on your back first to give the child the opportunity to understand the pose first from the ground before trying it standing. Ghannam reflects on: “Yoga helps us recharge so we can peacefully approach the demands of daily life.” A notion that everyone should take to heart.

A Bookish Decree: “nourishing” a wonderful theme throughout

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