Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids Author Susannah Hoffman 2018 For parents of children of any age Hoffman’s message for children in her Yoga for Kids book is to choose “poses or sequences that are right for you at that time.” At that time is an important concept for yoga especially for kids because they want to have fun, and they want to feel comfortable doing it. As Hoffman stresses “don’t worry if you find some of the poses difficult-everyone is good at different things. Yoga takes practice, so just do what feels right for you.” Yoga for Kids has wonderful pictures and visualizations with modifications if needed for every pose, and with each pose there are tips for grown-ups. These tips are valuable because they not only address what the child will be experiencing but it shows importance of doing it as the child grows.

A Bookish Decree: the energetic sequence is a positive way to start the day for kids and adults.

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