Yasmin Books

Yasmin Books Author Saadia Faruqi Illustrated by Hatem Aly Age range: young readers age 6-8 _____________________________________________

Yasmin the Teacher Yasmin is given a box of colored pencils by her aunt. But they are not just any colored pencils-they have delicious smells – vanilla, strawberry, mango, and chocolate. She takes them to school to share with her friends, but the bell rings and class begins. The teacher has just handed out a worksheet when she gets called away by the principal leaving Yasmin in charge of the class. Without the teacher the class does what they like, and Yasmin is left flustered because no one will listen to her. She has an idea and tells the class if they finish the worksheet, they will get a new scented pencil. Will the class listen?

Yasmin the Zookeeper

It is field trip day and Yasmin and her friends are excited to go to the zoo. Yasmin’s mom has packed a lunch with fruit for a snack. At the zoo the kids encountered seals and elephants before seeing the monkeys (bandars). At the monkey habitat Yasmin gets picked to help feed the them, but as she is carrying the bowl of fruit she trips and falls leaving the monkeys upset without any food. But Yasmin has an idea to share her fruit from her lunch. Will that work?

Yasmin the Superhero

Yasmin’s favorite stories are about superheroes. Yasmin wants to be one to where she can save people from evil villains. Her grandmother Nani gives her a cape, and she receives a mask from her Nana-her grandfather. With her new costume she is off to find the villains in the neighborhood. The problem is there were no villains just kids playing. Emma’s mom desires help after her bag broke with the groceries, Ali needs help with his homework and a girl looks for assistance getting a ball off the roof. But are these jobs for a superhero?

Yasmin the Chef

Yasmin’s family is having a party, and this means that Yasmin can stay up late. But first she has to help her family clean-she is on “polish patrol”. In the kitchen her mama and nani (grandmother) are cooking, and it is Yasmin’s job to taste test. The fruit chaat is too sour, the biryani is too spicy, and the chai is too hot. Baba has an idea for her to cook a dish, but her ideas are a disaster until she come with an idea of making kebab’s - “a complete meal on a stick”

Yasmin the Fashionista

Yasmin’s Mama and Baba are out, Yasmin wanders into her parent’s closet to find brightly colored clothes like satin kameez, or silky hijabs. Yasmin and her Nani begin to try on clothes and turn into fashionistas, but Yasmin has a bigger idea one that involves feathers, pom-poms and fabric pieces that fit right onto her pajamas. A fashion show is born.

Yasmin the Builder

Yasmin’s teacher announces that the class will be making a city. The teacher brings in supplies like tubes and tape and connector circles, giving advice to put the idea on paper first before building. Yasmin has a difficult time imagining what her city would be like. She likes what her classmates are doing, but she can not come up with the right idea for her own.

Her teacher asks Yasmin what she likes best about a city and said, “I like to take walks”. When the class goes out for recess an idea pops into Yasmin’s head leaving the class and the teacher surprised when they returned.

Yasmin the Friend

Yasmin invites her two friends Ali and Emma over to play, telling her dad that she has some fun activities planned. Baba her dad gives her advice that friends are a blessing and it is important to ask them what they like to do. Both friends bring over their own toys they wish to play with, and the friends start to play alone. Yasmin comes up with an idea that incorporates both play ideas concurrently, so the friends can play together; jump rope while juggling balls-with a bonus for wearing a costume.

Yasmin the Painter

Yasmin’s class is having a competition. Everyone in the class is excited except for Yasmin. Yasmin thinks that she is not good at art and is nervous about participating. The winner will be receiving a special prize. At home Yasmin and her mom watch videos to give her an idea of what to paint, with mom giving the best advice “you only have to try your best.” Yasmin becomes inspired and an idea begins to take shape.

Yasmin the Writer

Yasmin has a writing assignment to write about her hero. While the other kids know who they are writing about Yasmin has a hard time thinking of someone. She knows of many famous people who have done great things, but are they her hero? There is one person in her life she realizes who protects her, gives her a hug when she is scared, and saves her from an empty stomach-her mom a wonderful hero.

Yasmin the Explorer

Yasmin learns from Baba (her Dad) what an explorer is: an adventurer. She tells her Dad that she wants to be an explorer too and makes a map of her neighborhood. When Yasmin goes to the farmer’s market with her Mama, she takes her map with her. At the market she adds new items to her map like the fruit seller, and the bakery stall. While Yasmin’s mom orders food Yasmin realizes the park is nearby and tells her mom she is going to the park. Unfortunately, her mom does not hear her, and Yasmin realizes that once she is at the park, her mom is not there. “I am a brave explorer” and she uses the map she has made to find Mama.

Yasmin the Gardner

It is spring, and Yasmin accompanies her Baba to the garden store, where they pick out carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. Yasmin asks her Baba if she could buy a plant to take care of on her own, and her Baba agrees saying “you must look after it just like a mama would look after a baby.” Yasmin eagerly agrees and is eager to begin planting finding the perfect spot for her flowers. To her dismay the next day the flowers are wilting, and she tries replanting them and when that does not work, she becomes concerned. When Yasmin’s grandparents (Nana and Nani) come outside, Yasmin gives an umbrella to her grandmother (Nani) to keep the sun off her. This gives Yasmin an idea and another umbrella is used to protect her flowers from the heat.

Yasmin the Soccer Star

Yasmin’s school has a new gym teacher Coach Garcia, who announces they will be playing soccer. Ali and the other kids are excited to play, but Yasmin is not so sure about the sport. She offers to be the cheerleader, the water girl, even the referee, but she is told she has to play and will be a goalie. Yasmin is not sure of her new job and thinks it is the most dangerous of positions. However, her confidence grows causing her friend Ali to say, “You were just like the pros on TV!” __________________________________________________________________ A Bookish Decree: A delightful and fun series, perfect for young readers

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