What is a Child

What is a Child?

Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna

2008-first published in Italian 2016-first published in English

Age range: 4-8

What is a Child?

A wonder of a book that will ask each child what makes me unique. It amusingly compares a child to a grown up: children cry “because shampoo stings their eyes” …grownups “they hardly ever cry, not even when shampoo gets up their nose, and if this does happen, they cry quietly.”

There is truth and beauty in Beatrice Alemagna’s words that get to the heart of what childhood means:

“The children who decide not to grow up will never grow up. They keep a mystery inside them. So that even as grown-ups they will be moved by little things: a ray of sunshine or a snowflake.”

“All children are small people who will change some day.” Hopefully not soon enough

A Bookish Decree: A story that says yea to the wonders of childhood

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