Ways to Make Sunshine

Ways to Make Sunshine Author Renee Watson 2020 Age range: 8-12 If there is one thing that Ryan has learned from her parents:

it is the importance of living up to your name.

Ryan is in the 4th grade who has ambitions to be a chef or a food critique when she grows up. As she navigates the 4th grade there are strong people in her life, her grandmother tells her: “Your kindness makes your beautiful,” and her mom tells her “I want you to be your best for you.” She takes these messages and reflects them back on her friends, telling a friend getting ready to host a talent show: “You’re good at what you do too. We all are.”

Ryan learns to make the best of situations-to bring about sunshine to her family and friends in any situation; whether it is missing a parade due to bad weather, or jumping into a pool to prove a friendship – Ryan learns to be creative and more importantly to use her voice. A Bookish Decree: A story with a lot of Hart (heart)

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