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Wake Up Rupert! (Written and illustrated by Mike Twohy)

Published in 2014

AGES 4-8

In Wake Up Rupert, Rupert is a rooster who does not like his job of waking early just to wake up the rest of the farm. He sets 6 alarms to make sure that he will be up in time to crow. He complains of his ordeal to his friend Sherman the sheep and Sherman agrees to wake everyone up the next morning leaving a happy Rupert to get some extra rest.Sherman however thinking that he overslept wakes up and without even looking at the alarm clocks proceeds to wake everyone up with the help of other sheep in the middle of the night causing mayhem on the farm and every human and animal is out of step for the whole day.Rupert looks at the chaos and realizes the importance of the job and only he could do it, however going back to a normal routine may not be for everyone.

A Bookish Decree: The importance of doing your job well.

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