Vote For Our Future

Vote For Our Future

Written by Margaret McNamara

Illustrated by Micah Player


Age range: 4-8

At Stanton Elementary School every two years on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November the school closes for the day because the school turns into a polling station. The kids at Stanton realize that they cannot vote, but they can encourage adults to vote, and do their research.

They pass out flyers and encourage people to sign up to vote-even on their phones; they also go door to door and convince people if they can wait in line for a coffee, they can wait in line to vote. They also urge adults to vote early if the can or vote by mail. McNamara tells a lively and engaging story of kids encouraging the community of the importance to vote. Micah Player’s illustrations show a wonderful diversity of people getting the message out.

A Bookish Decree: Timely and Imperative

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