Under my Hijab

Under my Hijab

Author Hena Khan Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel 2019 Age range: 4-8 A young girl has some wonderful role models. Her grandmother is a baker who wear her hijab carefully folded. Her mother is a doctor who wear a cheerful hijab tucked into her coat.

Her Auntie is an artist who is dresses funky and cool-her hijab towers up high. Her scout leader has a hijab that is topped with a sun hat. Her older sister along with her fashionable clothes wears her hijab in a cute way. Her cousin wears a sporty hijab when she does karate.

When it is the young girl’s turn to wear her hijab she knows she can wear a hijab like any of her role models or she can “try something totally new.”

A Bookish Decree: Heartfelt and inspiring

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