Turning Pages

Turning Pages: My Life Story

Author Sonia Sotomayor

Illustrated by Lulu Delacre


Age range: 6 and up

Sonia Sotomayor a Supreme Court Justice told her story in her autobiography My Beloved World. She has followed that story with Turning Pages telling her story this time to kids, and how her life has been influenced by books. Sonia grew up bilingual speaking Spanish and then learned English, books at a young age made “learning fun”, “each book a flame that lit up the world around me.” At a young age Sonia was diagnosed with diabetes and she learned to have superhero strength from books so she could be brave to give herself a shot of medicine. When her father passed away when she was nine it was books from the library that helped her to escape the sadness.

In high school she read Lord of the Flies, where young kids were living on an island without laws-a book that opened Sonia’s eyes as to why laws are put into place to make people feel safe “so people have the freedom to grow and flourish.” Throughout college and law school, books “were a life preserver” when she felt like she was drowning with things she had yet to learn. Books also helped to shape Sonia’s identity of who she was as American of Puerto Rican descent, saying that “books were mirrors of my very own universe.”

As Sonia Sotomayor became a Supreme Court Justice she writes that she has reflected on “the most important words in American law” the Constitution to do her job as a justice.

A Bookish Decree: “Books are keys that unlock the wisdom of yesterday and open the door to tomorrow.” Sonia Sotomayor

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