Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Author Jonah Winter Illustrated by Bryan Collier 2019 Age range: 5-8

Jonah Winter’s Thurgood is inspirational if it could be described in one word, but how can you describe a great man who did important things that helped millions of people, and helped to reshape America for the better with one word? Looking at Winter’s story, Thurgood Marshall grew up in a time when segregation was rampant in his hometown of Baltimore Maryland. He saw every injustice thrown at his family, his community, and himself and channeled it to become a lawyer that fought against these injustices. Marshall attended law school at Howard University “where he would hone himself into a one-man weapon to destroy the laws that hurt black people.” Marshall won 29 cases before the Supreme Court and became known as “Mr. Civil Rights”.

He argued that the right to vote under the Constitution was for all citizens, he took on cases that all people can sit anywhere on a bus, and all people could live where they want and not be discriminated for it. He was the voice behind Brown vs. Board of Education making the case that “Equal means getting the same thing, at the same time, and in the same place.” The book ends in paramount way fitting of who Thurgood Marshall was: “He would go on to integrate more than just schools-by becoming the first black Supreme Court justice in history: Justice.” A Bookish Decree: Inspirational

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