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This is the Rope: A Story from the Great Migration (By Jacqueline Woodson)

Illustrated by James Ransome

Published in 2013

AGES 4-8

This is the Rope is a narrative of an African American family that span three generations. The narrator is a girl who tell the story of her Grandparents when they were young with her mother as a baby, and how they made their way north to New York. The connection between the generations as the story unfolds is with a rope. A rope the grandmother used to skip with under a sweet-smelling pine. The same rope that held the luggage to the roof as the family travels north. The rope is used for drying flowers, for hanging diapers, and for pulling toys, skipping in the street, helping to pack for college, holding family pictures on a piano, and holding a banner for a family reunion. As our narrator grows older the rope has become threadbare, however she gets a new rope to jump from her Grandmother who holds the memory of pine.

A Bookish Decree: What you can pass on to the next generation is love.

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