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Think Smart Be Fearless

Think Smart Be Fearless : A Biography of Bill Gates Written by Sharon Mentyka Illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger 2019 Age range: 8 and up

Think Smart Be Fearless tells a story of a fearless innovator turned philanthropist Bill Gates. He was given the nickname Trey as a baby; as Trey grew up his thirst for knowledge led him to “decide to always think smart.” At Lakeside school he discovered the math and science crowd and met Paul Allen. As he grew up a young Gates realized that computers could be used to “change the world,” and Bill along with Paul wanted to be a right in the middle of it. And change the world he did. Sharon Mentyka weaves a wonderful tale of inspiration. Although some of the words and parts of the story may be lost on younger readers, Mentyka tells a stimulating narrative of how hard work and ingenuity helped to transform the world -not just from a computing and business standpoint - but also through a foundation that has made a difference in lives around the world many times over. A Bookish Decree: a story that inspires and shows tenacity

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