The Perfect Job for an Elephant

The Perfect Job for an Elephant Author Jodie Parachini

Illustrated by Caroline Pedler


Age: Preschool

Elsie the Elephant ask her Mom to help her search for a job. When prompted with “what do you enjoy doing? Eating was the first thing she thought of, so she went in search for a job as a chef at Zebra’s Snack Shack, but the food for the customers turned into a feast for Elsie, and she was sent home. She proceeded to try and be a musician but her sound was too loud. Her next quest took her to Flamingo’s Pottery Studio but her ears got in the way and again she was sent home.Just when she thought that her career choices were limited a fire broke out and Elsie saved the day.

A Bookish Decree: A perfect job for a little hero

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