The Paper Kingdom (By Helena Ku Rhee, Illustrated by Pascal Campion)

Published in 2020

AGES 4-8

The Paper Kingdom tells a tale of Daniel and his parents who are night janitors. When the babysitter cancels Daniel unwillingly must tag along with them to work. To keep a tired boy from crying, his parents weave a tale that office they clean is really a kingdom-a paper kingdom – that is controlled by the Paper King and a Queen who in charge of dragons. As Daniel watches his parents work, he questions why the dragons must make such a mess and why his parents must clean up after them. His parents respond that when he becomes a “king” he can tell the dragons to be neat and clean up after themselves, with an emphasis on being a king that is nice because dragons work hard.

A Bookish Decree: the author wrote the book based on her childhood experiences saying the book is for her parents and for all hardworking families.

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