The Only Woman in the Photo

The Only Woman in the Photo: Frances Perkins & Her New Deal for America

Author Kathleen Krull Illustrated by Alexandra Bye


Age range: 7 and up

The Only Woman in the Photo enunciates to the world the story of Francis Perkins who made her mark at early age as a social worker, she became an advocate for the woman’s right to vote, and she became the first women cabinet member to ever work in The White House under Franklin Roosevelt. Her years as the secretary of labor brought about much needed change for a country dealing with the depression; she was the architect of the Civilian Conservation Corps putting Americans to work during the depression and she was the force behind the Social Security Act. Frances Perkins spent her working life being a champion for the common good-where she saw injustice in the law or unfairness in the workplace – she was front and center to set things right. She was such a strong presence in our history that one might pause to wonder where this country would be today without Frances Perkins, yet history for a time forgot about her and her great achievements. Kathleen Krull and Alexandra Bye tell an incredible story of Perkins and the impact she made-her story is brought back to life in Krull’s weaving of U.S. history and of Bye’s inspirational drawings to make sure that she is not forgotten.

A Bookish Decree: A remarkable piece of art in its storytelling and a visual of history. Go Forward!

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