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The Magic Misfits - Book 2

The Magic Misfits-Book 2-The Second Story Author Neil Patrick Harris Illustrated by Lissy Marlin and Kyle Hilton 2018 Age range: 8 and up The second book in the series of the Magic Misfits is a worthy successor, this time around it is Leila’s story to tell. We learn of her early days in the orphanage with her being bullied, but her spirit captures the attention of Dante Vernon and she is adopted. Leila and the rest of the Misfits meet Sandra Santos a psychic and an old friend of Mr. Vernon. While some of the Misfits are mesmerized by Santos’s unique psychic ability, some have their doubts. A mystery unfolds and the Misfits are taken to the old abandoned wing of the Grand Oak Resort where they learn more about Dante Vernon and the Emerald Ring club. Bursting with magic and history, sprinkled with bootleggers’ tunnels and secret codes; Neil Patrick Harris tells an extraordinary story of Leila and how she is loved by her family and friends. A Bookish Decree: The goodness of magic continues

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