The Magic Misfits-Book 1

The Magic Misfits-Book 1

Author Neil Patrick Harris

Illustrated by Lissy Marlin and Kyle Hilton


Age range: 8 and up

Carter Locke has grown up on the streets living with his uncle who is a swindler and a thief. Carter dreams of a better life, one where he has home and is safe. Carter runs away from his uncle and hops a train not knowing where he will end up. When the train stops Carter wakes up in the town of Mineral Wells and discovers the circus has come to town. He meets the circus boss: B.B. Bosso who offers him a job, Carter however, has street smarts and he realizes that Bosso and his gang are crooks. He also encounters Dante Vernon a mysterious man who shows him kindness and the wonder of magic. Through Vernon, Carter connects with other kids who have various skills with magic. As a group the kids realize how magical and powerful they are - but can they take down Bosso?

A Bookish Decree: A Brilliant Adventure

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