The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror – Once Upon a Fairy Tale - Book 1 Author Anna Staniszewski Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan 2019 Age range: 6-8

The Enchanted Kingdom is going through a heat wave, an incredibly long one. Kara and Zed stumble across a message from the ice princess asking for help because her magic mirror has broken. The mirror is what changes the season allowing winter to come. Kara and Zed set out for adventure and follow a map to the Ice Palace where they find “the palace was sagging like a snowman in the sun.” Kara and Zed offer their services to the ice princess and they set out to solve a mystery as to the fate of the mirror. With the help of trolls, a monkey, and a rooster, Kara and Zed work to unravel the mystery and bring a family back together. A Bookish Decree: An amusing and adventurous way to say goodbye to summer

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