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The Littlest Evergreen (Written and illustrated by Henry Cole)

Published in 2011

AGES 4-7

Henry Cole has a unique way of putting the reader directly into nature with his storytelling. Cole’s love of nature is apparent in The Littlest Evergreen, told from a tree’s perspective- “the heat of the air pulled the pine scent out of my green needles.” Our tree hero is home to birds and mice and can tell it is spring by the creatures’ songs. A few months later in autumn the tree is dug up and taken in a truck to a Christmas tree lot. Our hero was the smallest of all the trees, yet, he went home with a family for Christmas and when the holiday was over the family took the tree outside and found a special place for the evergreen where it was loved and cared for.

A Bookish Decree: A story to celebrate any time of year.

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