The Little Kitten

The Little Kitten

Written and Illustrated by Nicola Killen


Age range: 4-8

Ollie sets out for adventure with her cat Pumpkin in The Little Kitten. Under a pile of autumn leaves Ollie finds a tiny kitten and cuddles him with love. Ollie, Pumpkin and the new kitten romp through the forest playing hide-and-seek and become explorers. After a brief rest Ollie and the kitten set out for my adventure leaving Pumpkin behind to sleep.

During the trek in the woods Ollie notices posters for a missing kitten and the two of them begin the search for the young cat’s home. When the kitten’s home is found Ollie realizes she left Pumpkin behind, when the two are reunited it is Pumpkin who leads them to the coziness of home.

A Bookish Decree: This will be a perennial Halloween favorite

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