The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo

The Little Ghost

Who Lost Her Boo

Author Elaine Bickell Illustrated by Raymond McGrath

2019 First published in New Zealand 2020 Published in the United States

Age range: 3-6

A little ghost is set for the night to go up to someone and give them a fright.

She is ready for it, but her voice was not.

“I have lost my boo!” she is dismayed

Her mother tries and comforts her, but the little ghost is determined to find her voice.

She meets an owl with a Whoo! Whoo! but it will not take the place of her Boo. Our brave ghost is greeted by a pigeon who greets her with a

Coo! Coo!

But it is not the same sound.

The ghost flies into the night through the forest hearing more similar sounds;

however it is not her own.

Can the reader help?

A Bookish Decree: An interactive not too scary ghostly tale

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