The Lion & The Mouse

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The Lion & The Mouse Written and Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Published in 2009, Winner of the 2010 Caldecott Medal


Jerry Pinkney has a gift for taking fables-stories that are etched in our ancestors’ past and brought down to our generation - and with his stunning art recreates a story that you have never experienced before. Pinkney did this 2009 with his rendition of The Lion & The Mouse. It tells the story of a lion-the king of the jungle who captures a mouse who inadvertently invades his space. The lion lets the mouse go free who promptly returns to her burrow to take care of her babies. The mighty lion is then captured in a net set by hunters and lets out a roar of injustice at the thought of being held captive. The mouse who was set free comes to the rescue and with a doubtful lion looking on the mouse sets to work one rope strand at a time to free the colossal animal.

A Bookish Decree: “I’ve come to appreciate how both animals are equally large at heart.” Jerry Pinkney.”

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