The Lemonade War (By Jacqueline Davies)

Published in 2007


The scene is set it is a hot summer just before Labor Day. Evan is entering the fourth grade but discovers that his younger sister Jessie will be entering the 4th grade with him. As you can imagine this does not sit well with Evan. This boils over into Evan and Jessie’s lemonade stand business with the result of having two stands and turning into a lemonade war. This is not your typical how do we make money venture and call it quits when it gets too hot. Both kids think of clever ways to shore up business (franchising the lemonade business), and while they might have lost what the thought was important to them in the end, ir sets it up nicely for the next book.

A Bookish Decree: Throw in a little math and business savvy and you have a fun way to end the summer.

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