The Hundred-Year Barn

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Hundred-Year Barn

Author Patricia MacLachlan Illustrated by Kenard Pak 2019 Age range: 4-8

In 1919 a remarkable barn is built by a community of townspeople, family, and friends. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons build a barn that would last for generations. A five year old boy watches as the builders “cleared the land to lay a foundation of gray stone.” The boy’s father loses his wedding ring during the build and the boy finds it, but it is lost again through a hole in his pocket. The building continues however, with hammering sounds like a “beat of music”; and when the building is complete everyone applauds, and a celebration commences. A photograph is taken of all the people that helped build the barn and the boy’s father gives the new structure a name “the hundred-year barn”. Over the years the barn becomes a refuge to many animals and birds, and a hang-out for kids enjoying sleepovers. It is also a place for weddings, and celebrations, and a site for a long lost ring. A Bookish Decree: Spectacular

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