The Hike

The Hike

Written and Illustrated by Alison Farrell


Age range: 4-8

Join Wren, El, Hattie, and their dog Bean as they set out on a hike, why? Because it is their “favorite thing to do.” From the start they “run like maniacs” until the perfect patch of thimbleberries stops them in their tracks. Writer and Illustrator Alison Farrell take us on an enjoyable day through the woods so we can see nature through a child’s perspective.

Learn how to make leaf baskets to hold delicious berries, hear the tap of a pileated woodpecker, or figure out what kids draw in a sketchbook. Farrell’s work of art is a wonder capturing things you might miss on a trail like a Steller’s Jay feather, or a western toad. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself on a hike in a way that only you can when you get to your destination, whether it is flying a flag, reading a poem or releasing feathers. Don’t forget to look up at the wondrous sky at night.

A Bookish Decree: Beautiful all-around

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