The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree Written by Susan Montanari Illustrated by Teresa Martinez 2019 Age range: 4-8

At a Christmas tree farm there is one tree that is not feeling the holiday spirit. The tree does not like lights, decorations, let alone people. As tree after tree leaves the farm lot the little tree says emphatically: “I never want to leave this spot.” The tree gets its wish and is left behind. Houses and families appear however, where the tree farm once stood, and as the neighborhood grows so does the tree “with strange knobs.” While one kid calls the tree grumpy, other kids think it is creepy but they love to climb it, turning the tree into their own personal fort.

As the seasons change the tree starts to wish for decorations, and lights, but not as the tree expected. Adults call it a horrible tree and wish to cut it down, but the kids love it and decorate it with spooky decorations and turn it into a fun Halloween surprise.

A Bookish Decree: A not so spooky Halloween favorite

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