The Girl Who Speaks Bear

The Girl Who Speaks Bear

Written by Sophie Anderson

2019 First US edition 2020

Age range: 8 and up

A story about truly finding yourself and figuring out purpose is seen many times over in children’s literature. However, to make it memorable a sense of acceptance must be incorporated. Sophie Anderson has done this effectively in The Girl Who Speaks Bear. Yanka was found in a bear cave as a young child. She grew up with a loving adoptive mother but in her village, she was out of place and felt a calling to understand where she came from. After an injury Yanka awakens with bear legs, armed with the little knowledge she knows of her past she sets out on a journey of discovery. Thinking that her problems were for herself and herself alone she sets out on her quest alone, but soon discovers a “family” in the forest will see her through on her quest. The more knowledge that Yanka learns of herself - her sense of acceptance into her past grows and she learns how she can shape her own future -giving her hope for the family she left behind.

A Bookish Decree: Magic, folklore, bears and dragons are intertwined into a tale of finding your family

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