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The Elephant's New Shoe

The Elephant's New Shoe

A True Rescue Story

Author Laurel Neme

Illustrated by Ariel Landy

Forward by Nick Marx


Age range: 4-8

When Chhouk was a baby pachyderm he was found in the Cambodian jungle. Nick Marx a conservationist rescued him, at the time the elephant was “skinny, scruffy, and scared.” Chhouk was caught in a wire trap and his leg became infected, he was noticeably skittish around people including Nick. It was bananas that brought the two closer and a trust was formed. Back at the rescue center the pain from the trap became “unbearable” leaving his handlers to wonder if he would ever walk again.

Chhouk was introduced to Lucy a matron elephant and while the two pachyderms thrived together the caretakers had to solve the issue of the hurt foot. With the help of medics, they built a shoe that was made out of a car tire sole, when that did not work it was back to the drawing board until the perfect shoe was made.

A Bookish Decree: Uplifting and inspiring.

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