The Crossover

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Crossover Written by Kwame Alexander

Published in 2014, Winner of the 2015 Newbery Award


Basketball like any other sport is one where a player leaves his/her game - leaves his/her message win or lose - all on the court. Kwame Alexander with The Crossover has told his story and has left it all in the book for a reader to discover. This story is full of expression of everyday life, it is complete in conveying the abundance of love, but when portraying a father and son relationship it leaves the reader to decide how full and meaning the relationship is up until the end. This work of art is rich in poetry relating to both children and adults:

“A loss is inevitable like snow in winter. True champions learn to dance through the storm.”


“Your talent will help you win games… But your intelligence, that will help you win at life.”

A Bookish Decree: This book is for reading aloud to shout the beauty of poetry, to express love of basketball, and to share commonalty with human experience, however, this is also a story for quiet contemplation and reflection, for understanding parts of your own self, and the father in your life.

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