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The Brilliant Deep

The Brilliant Deep Author Kate Messner Illustrated by Matthew Forsythe 2018 Age range: 4-8 The Brilliant Deep is beautiful and inspiring, but the story it tells, however, is so captivating it can be truthfully spoken that one person did make a difference for our environment. Kate Messner tells the story of Ken Nedimyer and how he grew up in Florida watching his father a NASA engineer, as he helped to launch rockets into space. Ken, however, was more passionate about the ocean. When he was a child the reefs off the coast of Florida “teemed with life”.

As Ken grew older, he realized that the reefs were losing their color and the fish were no longer around. Sea Urchins who play an important role as "groundkeepers" for the reefs had disappeared. Ken started to grow a live rock farm and discovered that a coral colony had spawned nearby and made their way to the rock farm-as Messner states if a coral colony “grows on a live rock farm, the owner can keep it.” Nedimyer took this growth and decided to experiment with it to see if more corals could grow. The test came when Nedimyer and his crew took the plant to an area once teeming with life that now lay barren. The transplanting over time had worked, and the reefs have survived and reproduced.

A Bookish Decree: Inspiring indeed

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