The Boy Who Grew a Forest

They Boy Who Grew a Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng

Author: Sophia Gholz Illustrated by Kayla Harren


Age range: 4-8

As a young boy Jadav Payeng who loved trees saw firsthand forest destruction. With each rainy season floodwaters were destroying tree covered land which Jadav knew supplied shade, food and shelter to his people. Jadav took his worry to the village elders and they gifted him with twenty bamboo saplings. He took the young trees to a sandbar and began to plant the bamboo. His efforts paid off and his little trees began to flourish, but he knew his efforts were just the beginning. Jadav acquired seeds from other villages and his work began to show for as the boy grew up so did his forest acre after acre. Wildlife had begun to return to the once barren land bringing “life and diversity.” Sophia Gholz tells a phenomenal story of Jadav and his vision to bring a barren place that is now thriving and teeming with life. Harren captures the beauty and splendor of a wild habitat and the creatures that now call it home.

A Bookish Decree: A magnificent story that tells of one boy taking a big step for nature

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