The Big Little Thing

The Big Little Thing

Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna

First Published in French 2011, First Published in English 2019

Age range: 4-8

Something unforeseen came by one summer day, where a little girl tried to catch it to no avail. Some people according to Alemagna do not identify with it all even it if is straight ahead of them. “Someone walked straight past it…for a minute or two…but a minute was enough.” A lot of children cannot find it either saying “it’s probably for the best.” It is there right under our noses, but most people will not see it. Happiness. It is happiness-it may minute and invisible to us, but it is grand all the same.

A Bookish Decree: Alemagna’s larger than life book and pictures is a reminder to not take happiness for granted, it will always be with us if we let it.

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