The Bat Books

The Bat Books Written and Illustrated by Brian Lies Age range: 4-8 ________________

Bats at the Beach 2006

Pack your buckets, banjoes, and books, and you will be in for a treat as you head to the beach-not in the daytime, but you have to go at night for the bats are having a party and everyone is invited. Do not forget your moon-tan lotion. Learn how to fly a kite, sail a boat and surf bat style. You can bring your own food of course, if you choose not to bats will share: “beetles, ants, milkweed bugs, crickets, moths, and pickled slugs.” Or if you prefer bug-mallows eat at your own risk. The fun must end, however, as the sun comes up.


Bats at the Library 2008

So what happens at libraries when the librarians and the patrons go home, when the air is “cool and calm and clear”. Bats search for something new and find an open and an inviting window at a library.

Come and explore a library as only bats can - young and old alike - as they get lost among the books, they find a copy machine, and a water fountain to splash in. They enjoy story time and get “swallowed up” into a book and discover characters they could never imagine. All good things must, however, come to an end as light flickers through windows, with the hope they can return again.


Bats at the Ballgame 2010

Bring your beenuts and Cricket Jack and head out to the ball field, bat style. It is night, the weather is warm, it must be time for bat baseball. Only at a bat baseball game can you enjoy mothdogs and watch the groundkeepers rake the mound with forks.

The bat baseball fans enjoy the national anthem and then it is time to play ball. Enjoy the famous bat-ball song and reminisce with the elder bats about the good old nights of playing ball. There are no runners here, only flyers grace the field. The sun comes up, and players and fans alike exit the stadium, and even if the bats feel ejected at the thought of the sun, one and all dream of another baseball night.


Bats in the Band 2014

While the world sleeps, bats are alert and awake with the notion to play music. This will not be just any music show-this will be a music extravaganza as they take to the stage. Some bats have instruments that are “perfect in size, (while) others, without them, will just improvise.” The conductor is ready, and the show begins-a chorus starts, followed by violins, cellos, and a one bat band. Country, the blues, and rock grace the stage as these bats perform their hearts out, until the morning sun appears. A Bookish Decree: Amusing and highly entertaining

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