The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon

The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon

Author Dean Robbins Illustrated by Sean Rubin


Age range: 5 and up

In 1969 Alan Bean became the 4th person to walk on the moon. Growing up, a young Alan made model airplanes and dreamed of being a pilot. As an adult he joined the navy where he learned how to fly, the view from the cockpit were “breathtaking”-so much so that Alan wanted to paint what he saw from the sky. Along with being a pilot he took art classes and let his imagination go as he put color to canvas.

After Bean’s trip to the moon where he enjoyed walking where no footsteps had ever fallen before he returned to earth, while he was looking at the photos he took, he realized the pictures did not do justice to what he called the moon’s barren beauty. Alan then thought about what he had seen on the moon and let his “imagination take over” and painted his version of the moon-the craters were blue and green, red and purple represented the color of dust. The moon in his pictures did not look real but that was the way he wanted to convey his art. There is richness in Dean Robbins telling of Alan Bean’s story and bringing Dean’s story to life, and vividness in Sean Rubin’s portrayal of footprints on the moon. Never has there been a children’s story about outer space with such vivacity to it.

A Bookish Decree: An entertaining tale of an “artist who was an astronaut.”

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