Ten Ways to Hear Snow

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

Written by Cathy Camper

Illustrated by Kenard Pak


Age range: 4-8

Lina wakes up to quiet, everything is quiet, she wakes up to a world that a blizzard left behind-a world of snow. Lina gets dressed and gets ready to head outside not to play but she is going to visit her sitti (grandmother). She bundles up and heads outside. On her walk Lina discovers various ways to hear snow:

a neighbor shoveling the sidewalk, boots crunching, children’s mittens making a snowman’s head, and the sound of skis making “long, skinny tracks”.

Lina makes it to her grandmother’s excited to make grape leaves and they both discover fun and silly ways to use the grape leaves. After the meal granddaughter and grandmother head outside where Lina learns the tenth and most important way to hear snow from her grandmother.

A Bookish Decree: A brilliant ode to family and to winter

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