Teach Your Child Yoga (By Lisa Roberts)

Published in 2019

For Parents of Children of Any Age

Lisa Roberts Teach Your Child Yoga book is a fun way (I am not going to turn on electronics) to wake up in the morning to, it is a perfect companion to use throughout the day to keep you kids busy yet reminding them to be mindful, and it can be used as a relaxing method to wind down your day by practicing yoga postures and breathing before bed. Roberts a yoga instructor uses two analogies as she writes when teaching yoga to kids, one involves Lego with the concept of building “one block at a time until you create your masterpiece”, she also takes the concept of Goldilocks by practicing “the poses in stages, building from the ground up.”. Both impressions relate to how well her book is set up and how distinctively the information is portrayed within the book. Case in point, when she introduces the reader to a new yoga pose, she begins with why the pose will benefit, then it goes into steps for the child to take, and it also offers modifications and variations for the child to do. Pictures accompany each pose so the child will get a visual representation of what to do and they in turn might pick up the book and randomly find yoga poses to do on their own. Roberts also includes relatable mantras for children to learn: “Breathing in, I am strong…breathing out I am happy. “or “Breathing in, I am confident…breathing out, I am joyful.”

A Bookish Decree: A great introduction for kids to learn yoga, yet, It is a valuable reference to use for many years.

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