Spot and Dot (Story and illustrations by Henry Cole)

Published in 2019

AGES 4-8

The wonderful thing about wordless pictures books is that the reader (adult or child) can tell a different story every time. In Spot & Dot by Henry Cole the fun with this book there is so much detail, something that a child will notice differently every time that the story can change and go off in a different direction. In this story a girl is looking for her missing dog Dot in the big city. A boy comes to help her look, and his cat Spot talks off searching for the dog. The cat finds him, and a chase ensues through the city. Each page is adventurous and whimsical with a cat chasing a dog, and then happiness in saying there is no place home.

A Bookish Decree: See if you can find the Tootsie-Wootsie (whatever that is).

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