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Southwest Sunrise

Southwest Sunrise

Author Nikki Grimes Illustrated by Wendell Minor


Age range 4-8

Jayden and his family move across country from New York to New Mexico. At his new home Jayden finds himself in new surroundings that are submerged in unexpected senses-he discovers a land “striped in rainbow”, flowers that are vibrant in color: wine-cup, yellow bells, firewheels and calypso orchids greet the new denizen of New Mexico.

. Jayden discovers new sounds where he used to hear sirens in the city, he now hears that chatter of “winged gossips” and discovers the kingly bird-the raven. Jayden marvels at the “deep waves of turquoise” in the sky. However, he pines for New York’s skyscrapers and the wonder they brought, until he comes upon nature made skyscrapers that are equally impressive.

A Bookish Decree: A thought-provoking story with breathtaking pictures that shows the wonderment of nature and finding home

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