Solar System for Kids (Written by Hilary Statum)

Published in 2020


Solar System for Kids is part of the Junior Scientists Series. It is a wonderful reference for young and curious minds that goes beyond answering questions. Hilary Statum covers so many aspects of space that it will leave a child wanting to learn more not only about the planets but finding out why Pluto is no longer a planet, unearthing what the largest object is in the asteroid belt, and finding out how big our milky way galaxy is. Filled with interesting facts about each planet that children can relate to and put into context i.e. that the night side of Mercury is twice as cold as Antarctica-yet it is the closest planet to the sun- “temperatures there can be twice as hot as a pizza oven.” There is a section in the back about searching the night sky, what planets to look for and how to start stargazing, in addition it introduces kids to constellations. The book also tells of NASA’s history and kids will learn about various Apollo flights.

A Booking Decree: Worthy of note for the curious at heart

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