Ruth Objects

Ruth Objects: The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Author Doreen Rappaport Illustrated by Eric Velasquez 2020 Age range: 7 and up

One of the first things we learn about Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Ruth Objects is how her mother raised her: to be independent, and “to stick to what she believed was right”, a message that is carried through Doreen Rappaport’s book about the late Supreme Court Justice. Through Rappaport’s memorizing story we learn of Ruth’s passion for books - her fondness for Little Women and Nancy Drew. We gain an understanding of Ruth’s college years and how the prolific writer Nabokov influenced her to write to get her “ideas across”, and we learn why she wanted to pursue a career in law.

Ginsburg as we find out was at the top of her class in law school(s), yet she found a way for both she and her husband who was dealing with an illness to finish school and raise a child-at the same time however facing discrimination once out of school and finding a job. Ruth had to face the fact that firms would not hire her because of her religion, being a woman, and being a mother. But persist she did, and she ended up teaching law, during her time as a law professor the country was changing – where minorities and women were demanding “equal treatment before the law.” In 1973 she argued her first case before the Supreme Court with more to follow on issues of treating women and men the same. In 1980 Ruth was appointed to be a judge to the US court of Appeals followed by becoming the 2nd woman to be a Supreme Court Justice. A Bookish Decree: Rappaport has written a wonderful story of the late Justice Ginsburg, coupled with Eric Velasquez’s stunning pictures of Ruth’s life, this is a brilliant book that tells of an extraordinary life lived.

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