Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes (By Anna Kemp, Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie)

Published in 2011 (UK), 2015 (USA)

AGES 4-8

Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes tells the story of Daisy a girl who’s busy parents are too occupied to listen to Daisy. Out of the blue one morning a big as a bus purple rhino came right through her kitchen grabbing pancakes. Daisy tried desperately to explain there was a rhino in the house, but her voice fell on deaf ears. The purple rhino made himself at home and Daisy had someone to talk to, eat pizza with and play ring toss with, he also proved to be an excellent listener. The rhino proceeded to devour every pancake he could find causing her parents to notice, but when they questioned what happened they thought it was the most absurd thing to have a rhino in their house. Daisy is upset that her parents are a million miles away from her, and she realizes that the rhino is a million miles away from his family. Daisy and her family visit the zoo and to her parents shock they discover that the zoo is missing its rhino and that he loves to eat pancakes, they were shocked when they returned home. With her parents help they come up with a plan to send the rhino home…and guess who stepped up to listen to Daisy?

A Bookish Decree: Wildly imaginative and delightful

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