Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Written by Karen English

Illustrated by Ebony Glenn


Age range: 4-8

Malika falls in love with a dazzling pair of red shoes and asks her Nana if she could have them. Nana smiles “her secret smile” when her granddaughter open the box of shoes with delight. She loves the shoes so much that she shows them off, but when it rains, they are hidden in her galoshes.

The red shoes are with Malika at every point her in her young life until she realizes that her feet are growing. The shoes end up in a thrift store, and are picked up by a woman named Inna Ziya who takes the shoes halfway across the world to Africa. The shoes are a gift to a girl Amina and the cherished shoes find a new home.

A Bookish Decree: Enchanting

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