Pedro on the Go

Pedro on the Go Author Fran Manushkin Illustrator Tammie Lyon 2020 Age range: 6-8

The Best Pet? Pedro want to enter his dog Peppy into a pet show. The dog knows how to sit, stay, and fetch, but apparently, he hates taking baths, preferring mud to staying clean. At the pet show, Peppy is ready to begin, however, when he sits, he does so on two bees, leaving the dog to howl and run through the mud. While Pedro watches the other animals perform, Katie’s cat gets scared and runs off. Peppy comes to the rescue and brings the feline back, earning a blue ribbon and another bath for his valiant effort.

Pedro Goes to Mars Pedro has ambitions about going to Mars, telling his teacher that it looks cool. “It would be fun to go there.” Pedro tells his dream of travel to his dad, who says it is far from earth, but Pedro does not mind adding that he has a big suitcase and he like taking long trips. Other kids in his class have their own ambitions about traveling to other planets, but when Pedro learns that if he lives on Mars, he would have to wait 687 days to have a birthday he realizes how great live is on earth. Pedro Keeps His Cool It is winter time fun for Pedro and his friends. At the winter festival the kids make snow whales, snow horses, and snow dogs, and later snow angels. Even though Pedro is not the best at these activities he realizes that other kids are better at it, however he keeps “his cool”. Pedro knows his favorite winter sport is sledding, and he helps a friend enjoy it too.

Pedro Goes Wild Pedro and his Dad decide to go on a hike. Pedro is excited about the idea of being wild. While on the hike, they have to dodge poison ivy, run from an animal they think is a bear, and have to make it down the mountain before a storm arrives. Both father and son rely on each other to make it back home, with Pedro telling his dad: “you know how to have fun.” A Bookish Decree: Enjoyable

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