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Over and Under the Snow

Over and Under the Snow

Written by Kate Messner

Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal


Age range: 4-8

Join and a girl and her dad as they set to ski across the snow. Experience nature in the quiet of winter above the snow and below. Beneath the snow the dad says, “is a whole secret kingdom, where the smallest forest animals stay safe and warm.” Over the snow the girl finds a great horned owl, and tracks that could tell a tale of adventure. Under the snow voles may be awake and bullfrogs doze. Over the snow the girl finds a bushy tailed fox that “leaps after an invisible dinner,” and discovers how “sticky” marshmallows can be when cooked just right over a fire.

Kate Messner tales a wonder of a story of winter as the world is awake and is ready to be explored with all senses and also of a world that is in the deepest of sleep.

A Bookish Decree:

A delightful way to teach a child to be mindful in winter of all creatures.

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