Over and Under the Rainforest

Over and Under the Rainforest

Author Kate Messner

Illustrations by Christopher Silas Neal


Age range: 4-8

There is a world to discover within a rainforest where you will find:

“silvers of sunlight and dripping wet leaves”

As you hike beneath the trees be conscious that above you is a concealed world filled with:

“a riot of monkeys and insects and birds.”

Explore animals that were once in your imagination

“High in the branches, a soggy mother sloth and her baby sleep through the storm.”

What will you find in a rainforest?

An orb spider?

A howler monkey?

An agouti?

Make sure you listen for “chatters and chirps and a howling roar.”

A Bookish Decree:

Use all of your senses to be enchanted

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