One Little Bag: An Amazing Journey

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

One Little Bag: An Amazing Journey Written and Illustrated by Henry Cole 2020 Age Range: 4-8

One Little Bag tells the story of a boy going grocery shopping. At the checkout counter, however, the boy is buying a flashlight and it gets put into a special brown paper bag, which is later reused for his lunch for school. A simple heart is drawn on the bag. Where the boy goes the bag takes a journey too. Even as the boy grows up and enters college where he meets a girl (heart # 2) who becomes his wife the bag is used for important and meaningful events in his life-which leads to the third heart with the birth of their child. As the child grows up the bag follows the path of the son and a new heart is added with Grandpa’s love.

A Bookish Decree: Enthralling

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