On the Space Station (By Carron Brown, Illustrated by Bee Johnson)

Published in 2016

AGES 5-8

Most kids will look for any excuse to play with flashlights. Having a great book to read literally with a flashlight will make bedtime reading more enjoyable. On the Space Station is a shine – a – light book will bring the space station to life. For those kids that have never read a shine – a – light book they are will be in awe the first through 15 times they read and discover what is behind each page using the flashlight. Every page gives fantastic information about an astronaut’s trip to the space station. Starting with how a train had to move slowly and carefully to move the rocket to the launchpad, and how the astronauts must “chase and catch” the space station in order to dock. It also explores what an astronaut does with science experiments and taking a spacewalk. As all good things come to an end, so does a space mission and great book to fall asleep to-that is if you can take the flashlight away from the young explorer.

A Bookish Decree: Make sure you have enough batteries; this will be a book to read many times.

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