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On a Magical Do-Nothing Day

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna 2016 First US edition 2017 Age range: 4-8

A mother and her child take a trip to their same cabin in the wood, within the same forest, and have to deal with the same rain again. The child finds joy only in the video game that was brought along, but a walk outside and skipping over rocks changes things for the video game is lost, leaving the child despondent. However, snails come across the path where the child asks the snails if there is anything to do out in nature. “Yes, indeed” was all the response the child needed, and an adventure was underway-underground treasure was discovered, trees needed to be climbed, new insects were sought out, puddles needed to be splashed in, and of course hot chocolate to enjoy back in the cabin.

A Bookish Decree: Nature and the art of playing takes precedence over electronics-pure joy.

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