Most of the Better Natural Things in the World

Most of the Better Natural Things in the World

Written by Dave Eggers Illustrated by Angel Chang 2019 Age range: 4-8 Welcome to the world of a traveling tiger, as he takes a journey to some well-known and not so lesser known places in the natural world. A tiger treks through stunning natural wonders like a gorge, cloud forest, a fjord, an atoll, archipelago, and a chaparral-all the while carrying a chair.

As the tiger leaps from one curiosity to the next the chair represents a way to see the world, but with the realization that you can go as far as you want. Angel Chang has made her debut as an artist of children’s books with this magnificent work of art-art that will keep a child in awe and ask where I can travel to next.

A Bookish Decree: Will bring out the curiosity in young and old alike

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